Local Sustainable Seafood


Featured Seafood

Albacore Tuna

  - Sashimi grade, line caught day boat tuna

-Available whole fresh or frozen. 40 or 80 pound boxes
-Knife cut loins wax boxed, or vac packed fresh or frozen. Packaged and processed for institution or packaged and labeled for consumer retail. Frozen loins available year round. Individual or in 40 lb boxes

 -Smoked loins fresh or frozen

Premium Wild Salmon

  - Hand selected troll caught Chinook and Coho salmon

-Available whole fresh or frozen
-Hand cut fillets wax boxed, vac packed or portion cut fresh or frozen

Consumer retail labeling available upon request.
-Smoked 8oz. portions, fresh or frozen vac packed

Lingcod and Rockfish

  - Line caught using sustainable harvest methods

-Available whole and filleted both fresh and frozen.
-Knife cut fillets bagged or vac packed. Individual or 40 lb boxes

Dungeness Crab and Netarts Bay Oysters

 - Hard shelled Dungeness crab harvested off of Garibaldi Live, hand selected or boat run.

- Hand harvested Netarts Bay oysters known for their delicate flavor

Wild Northwest Bay Clams

- Native Gaper, Butter, Cockle and Purple Varnish bay clams hand harvested in Oregon waters

For a complete list of products and seasonal availability please refer to our "what we catch" page.


Other Services

-Canning, (glass jar, metal can) custom smoking, institutional retort, vac bagging portion to fillet length

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