Premium line caught Albacore Tuna


Our rod and reel caught, sushi grade, Albacore Tuna is of exceptional quality. After each fish is landed, great care is taken so that each fish is humanely dispatched and handled carefully to avoid bruising and damage to the flesh. Unlike on some larger boats, our fish are immediately bled and packed on flake ice to ensure the quality of the fish. As with all of our fish, we return to port within one day to process our fish immediately afterfishing.

As recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, our pole caught Albacore is rated as a “Best Choice” with no health advisories related to the consumption of our Tuna.  Our fleet targets younger tuna that are smaller with lower levels of mercury and PCBs.


Line Caught Troll Salmon

Fresh line caught Chinook Salmon

Dressed pressure bled Pacific Chinook Salmon

Dressed pressure bled Pacific Chinook Salmon

Our Ichiban Pacific Salmon has been referred to as the Kobe beef of the sea. Ichiban, meaning number one in Japanese is the name that is bestowed upon our fish that is prized by esteemed sushi chefs from all over the world. These fish that receive this label are handled much differently than most conventionally caught commercially caught salmon.

Only a few boats are equipped to process our Ichiban Pacific Salmon meaning that they employ the use of pressure jets to remove blood and a water bath system for chilling.

Our Premium Troll Caught salmon rarely touch the decks of our boats. Upon landing a fish, we gently slide each fish into a chilled ice bath mitigating shock and trauma to the fish. After bleeding, each fish is hand massaged along the blood lines to help remove any remaining blood, resulting in better tasting fish that remains fresh for a longer period of time.  This added care means perfect fish that is unbruised and looks as though it was just removed from the water.  After each fish is bled, it is iced down and brought to port at the end of each fishing day reducing the time it takes to go from our boats to your plate.

By purchasing our CSF salmon, not only are you helping the community, but you are making a healthy choice as well, by choosing a super food rich in Omega 3 fish oil.Seafood Watch recommends  wild troll caught salmon from Oregon, Alaska, Washington and British Columbia as a “Good Alternative”.


Hook and Line caught Lingcod, Halibut and Rockfish

Black rockfish  Sebastes melanops

Black rockfish Sebastes melanops

As small boat fishermen we on occasion fish for bottom dwelling fish such as Ling Cod, Halibut and Rockfish. These flaky white fish are handled with the same care as our Salmon and Tuna, which make for the best fish and chips and Fish tacos that you have ever eaten.

Labeled as a Good and Best choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, our Lingcod improves on an already impressive rating by being caught by rod and reel. This method eliminates by-catch and avoids the traditionally destructive trawl method which can damage the seafloor and habitat.


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