We are doing something different… We are local fishermen bringing the best fresh fish and seafood to your home and restaurant. We are small boat fishermen and we utilize small independently owned processing facilities that are located near our fishing grounds where we can immediately offload and process, sometimes within minutes instead of days.

We have always provided a superior product over the large fishing fleets and their commercial processing factories, but in the past, the fish buyers would seldom differentiate between our fish and the lower quality factory fish. This would in turn bring down our prices to match the inferior fish and ultimately, there was no guarantee that the consumer would receive our well cared for product out of the co-mingled commodity fish.

Since we can now maintain the chain of custody of our fish from our boats to your table, we can guarantee that each fish was caught using our required sustainable harvest methods, handled with care and most importantly for us, the fishermen are compensated for the extra effort and for bringing a superior product to your dinner table.

By joining our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program you can join us in being stewards of our resource while enjoying other benefits such as; saving money by buying directly from our boats, bring home fish and seafood that was minimally processed and hand filleted unlike in a large industrial factory, knowing that your dollars are directly benefiting the fishermen and local economies, invitations to special events such as private tastings, boat tours, classes and the peace of mind that C S Fishery only catches and shares the highest quality sustainable seafood.


Our Mission

Our entire business model is built around community, environmental stewardship, and economic equity by creating a unique distribution model that allows us to bring more money to our community while providing a superior product to our customers. Our direct connection between customer and fisherman allows us to control quality and coordinate our environmental practices for a concerted effort in addressing issues such as waste, managing fish stocks and implementing programs that help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Buying from C S Fishery allows us to ensure the quality and freshness of our dishes while supporting small local businesses and our economy.
— Andy Diaz, restaurateur and owner Daruma Sushi

Our commitment to excellence

  • Provide the best local seafood products to the Portland food community
  • Only harvest fish using sustainable harvest practices
  • Base our business model on quality premium products as opposed to treating our resource as a commodity
  • Keep our dollars in our local economy by doing business with other locally owned establishments
  • Pay fishermen fair and consistent prices to encourage quality over quantity harvest practices.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of seafood distribution by removing multiple layers of handling and re-selling
  • Reduce our waste through reuse and recycling, compost and reuse fish by-products for bait and farm use
  • support the economy, society and environment.

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