Visitors = Cartlandia, Portland Farmers market, Voodoo Doughnuts and Salt & Straw

April 19 — JMW


We did the Portland thing and hit the carts for a quick bite on a beautiful Saturday in Portland. 

Cartlandia is a great little community of food carts on SE 82nd and Harney. We went looking for lobster rolls at Main Street Lobster Company but came up empty when they put up a sign saying "sold out". 

As a consolation, we went to Kesone, an Asian fusion cart and we were not diasappinted. We ordered the Namm Kao Vientiane, crunchy rice bits with peanuts, scallions, coconut, line juice and ground chicken served in crisp romain lettuce leaves. 

Our food adventure continued on with a trip to the Portland Farmers market in downtown  Portland. 

Booze is the news this year at the market. A number of distilleries are selling and sampling their products which range from the traditional to Portland hip like Stumptown coffee rum by House Spirits Distillery and Ginger Liqueur by New Deal Distillery as a unique twist on the newly popular Moscow Mule. 

Something else new to the market is In Town Ag, a garden sharing program that cultivates unused garden space on homeowners property then shares the crop with the homeowner. The rest of the produce is then sold at farmers markets around the city.

What trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts? We of course took our guests to one of the two Portland Voodoo Doughnut locations, this one being on the East side in a former Arctic Circle burger joint.  Bacon maple bars were the choice of the day and were enough to tide us over until our next stop. 

We spent the next few hours exploring NE Portland and needed a little another little sugar rush so we stopped into Salt and Straw on NE Alberta Street. 

Blue cheese and pear? Arbequina olive oil flavor from Oregon Olive Mill? These are two of the choices that were tempting us as we waited in a line that went outside and stretched halfway down the block.  

The ice cream was excellent and our out of town guests were dumbfounded that we were already discussing our next meal. Little Big Burger?


A one on one with Senator Wyden

Portland, OR – Today we met with Senator Ron Wyden after his town hall meeting and we had the opportunity to discuss his position on the Magnuson-Stevens Act. We thanked the senator for his active role in dealing with a number of environmental issues that affect our fisheries and fish stocks.


As commercial fishermen, the state of our federal fisheries is important to us. The Magnuson-Stevens act has rebuilt many depleted stocks, including fish important to us and Oregon’s economy. As such, we need to build on our successes and shift to an ecosystem based fisheries management approach to tackle the challenges facing our oceans.


We applaud the Senator for taking the time to meet with his constituents and for giving everyone the opportunity to voice their concerns  and in some cases, have their concerns addressed on the spot.  One couple in particular, having to navigate the bureaucratic paperwork nightmare associated with elder-care expressed their frustration of having to provide different variations of their parent’s advance directive form to satisfy different agencies and providers.   Senator Wyden wasted no time and put them in contact with his office so that he could organize an effort to create a single federal form to help aid in streamlining the paperwork requirements of elder-care.


It is this type of response and action that has made Senator Wyden one of our key allies in our industry and also a huge benefit to Oregonians as a whole.

C S Fishery Smoked Salmon at Blackbird Wine

Portland, OR – C S Fishery caught up with Blackbird Wine owner Andy Diaz and Koin 6 TV personality Nicolle Camarata. Andy has been a big supporter of C S Fishery and we dropped in with a test batch of our Indigenous Salmon Candy featuring organic molasses, organic soy sauce and organic honey.

Portland's "Cooking With Niccolle", Niccolle Camarata with Andy Diaz of Blackbird Wine

Portland's "Cooking With Niccolle", Niccolle Camarata with Andy Diaz of Blackbird Wine

Not only is Andy a proven mover and shaker on the Portland food scene with Blackbird Wine and recent success Daruma Sushi, he’s friends with and has appeared with Anthony Bordain, former host of No Reservations. Andy knows food and if the review of Daruma in the Oregonian newspaper is any indication, Andy is well on his way in creating a following in this food obsessed town.

Fresh salt slab bread and baguettes at Blackbird Wine and Atomic Cheese..

Fresh salt slab bread and baguettes at Blackbird Wine and Atomic Cheese..

The wine and cheese pairings featured thinly sliced ripened pears and drizzled honey over soft goat cheese.

Cheese and cured meat cases at Blackbrid Wine and Atomic Cheese

Cheese and cured meat cases at Blackbrid Wine and Atomic Cheese